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As We Explore the Intersection of Metabolism and Disease

What We Do

Across the globe, a resounding concern reverberates - the worrisome surge in the prevalence of various ailments, including Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, NAFLD, ALS, Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's Disease. Our extensive research has unveiled a common thread among these conditions: they all appear to have metabolic roots. Consequently, there exists a promising avenue for prevention, treatment, and ultimately, a cure through metabolic interventions.

Here at Lab+Farm, we are steadfast in our commitment to pioneering independent laboratory research aimed at unraveling the intricate metabolic mechanisms underpinning these diseases. Our primary focus is on the nexus between metabolism and these afflictions. The insights we are gaining are nothing short of captivating and heartening. Each day, we make remarkable progress, forging a path towards a future where metabolic disorders can be thwarted, managed, and ultimately eradicated.

What We're Working On

Molecular Modulation of Glutaminolysis

Exploring how disruption of glutaminolysis can selectively target and inhibit the unregulated growth of certain cells that are suffering from respiratory insufficiency and heavily rely on glutamine for their energy production

Ketone Metabolism In Neurological Disease

Investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective effects of ketone bodies, such as their influence on mitochondrial health, inflammation, and oxidative stress

Lipid Metabolism in Inflammatory Disease

Development of small molecules that can modulate lipid metabolism to reduce inflammation or prevent the progression of related diseases.





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